GitHub Repo
>GitHub Repo
Just a link to the repo where this GitHub Site is actually stored.
>GitHub Profile
One level above the site repo.
Bioinformatics stuff
>Coding definition
The SARS-CoV-2 genome annotated with coding regions, gene names, proteins, amino acids and amplicons.
Compare a SARS-CoV-2 sequence against variant definitions to find out why it does or doesn't meet those definitions.
Gaze at (SARS-CoV-2) constellations. Essentially the same thing as Undefined, but with Scorpio constellations.
>Monkeypox coding definition
A fork of the SARS-CoV-2 coding def page, but for mpx instead
Really simple tool for translating a single codon.
Complementary to the lineages list, this gives you the list of aliases for a lineage.
Other stuff
A colour palette generator. Random on every page load, see if you get something nice. Used to generate the colourscheme for this page...
The sun'll come out, tomorrow. But when precisely? This answers that!
Audio responsive circles. No real rhyme or reason, just for fun.
>YouTube Overclocker
Enables playback speeds from 0x up to 16x on YouTube.
A homage to the System 6 desktop background pattern editor.
Upload an image, get a base64 encoded data URI. Just a plain, straightforward implementation of a basic utility.
Fly through space like it's 1995.
Analogue clock and stopwatch.
Digital clock and scrolling marquee.
A basic 80x25 textarea for notes. Featureless.
Planetary orbits from an arbitrary syzygy. watchOS inspired!
>Sudoku [WIP]
A work-in-progress Sudoku game. Currently just a grid that you can put numbers in...
Sort of like a railway station split-flap display, except you're allowed to play with it
>Sprinkles [WIP]
Recreation of the WatchOS Pride 2023 watchface
Basic sort of musical-y thingy
Silly Lissajous figures in HTML5 canvas